About R-BLOX™ Sound Control, Inc


R-BLOX™ Sound Deadener is the culmination of years of testing formulary compounds designed to stop resonance and vibration to create better sounding audio systems, as well as eliminate road noise in the automotive environment.

R-BLOX™ has recently been introduced to the Car Audio market and has met with much acceptance for a good reason.With vibration and sound control qualities that rival those of the industry, R-BLOX has made sound deadening much more affordable for the consumer.

R-BLOX Sound Control, Inc is the most dynamic and fastest growing manufacture in sound deadening composites.

For the past 4 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best sound deadener as well as customer service and support available within the industries we serve.

R-BLOX™ Sound Control is known as the best and most affordable sound deadener and insulator on the market today. However, we are much broader in scope and provide products for heat reduction, road noise, insulation, and outstanding sound deadening materials.

Our continuing goal is to increase our product line in the sound deadening industry. We will add products as necessary to support our customers and our growth target.

R-BLOX™ prides itself on an excellent and outstanding customer service. Our success has come from offering the market extremely high quality sound deadening materials and the best customer service in its class.

R-BLOX Sound Control Welcomes your inquires and looks forward to discussing solutions to your noise control problems.


Clay Miller

Vice President/Marketing




R-Blox Sound Control, Inc welcomes your pre-sales questions regarding our services or sound deadening goods, or any other inquiries you might have. Please use the form below to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Once submitted, your inquiry will be assigned to a support representative.

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Clay Miller (Vice President/Marketing)




Contact Us Via Telephone:
If you need to send a fax to R-Blox Sound Control,Inc, please include a cover sheet indicating the desired recipient or department and send your fax to:(814)664-3689

You may reach us via Telephone at 1(888)-7-4RBLOX Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM All times are Eastern Time Zone.

Contact us via FAX 814-664-3689

Contact us via Postal Mail:

Please send all postal inquiries, check/money orders, resumes, and other postal mail to the address below:

R-Blox Sound Control,Inc
1530 Enterprise rd
Corry, PA, 16407


Industry Members:

R-BLOX Sound Control, Inc is a Proud member or sponsors of the following professional Associations and very satisfied with their services.

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