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(Gary Winfield)

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Hi Guys,

Following another successful CES show in Las Vegas I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the guys at R-BLOX for stepping up to the challenge with their new range of High Performance sound deadening materials.
This was the first time that the Installer Challenge had used a selection of these products from R-Blox and as always there is an uncertainty when using a new product for the first time.
The bulk of material used was 2 containers of 50 Sq Ft rolls each roll is approx 18'' wide and 33.5ft long and 70 mil thick and even comes with the wooden roller for professional installation.
Unlike other products on the market R-BLOX uses a very flexible rubberized black butyl compound that even after being applied to a surface for a long time does not appear to leave all that black sticky yucky stuff over the panel when you remove it. But this is nothing compared to the adhesion properties of the product, We experienced very cold and damp weather this year at CES and it was a worrying time when both teams started to apply vast quantities of R-BLOX while I believe it was snowing. But an hour later both teams were finished and reported that the product stuck solidly to the surface and was not affected by the cold retaining its pliable properties in these trying conditions. With this in mind we will be trying more products from the range in future Installer Challenges and look forward to a long term relationship with this company.

Gary Winfield
Director Installer Challenge


50 Cents Anger management tour ice cream truck installer...

R-blox is one of the best sound deadening material we have applied, this
stuff blows away dynamat.
(Eddie arellano head installer of 530 motoring)
--five3zero 530™



Below are Testimonials from satisfied customers!!

I just wanted to let you know the install went GREAT. My digital cam took i crap sorry i didn't get any pics. Even though i ran out of sound deadener and didn't get the whole thing done it barely rattles anymore That's what i was hoping for out of your product and iam very very pleased on how everything turned out. Everything is much louder and clearer. Iam looking forward to doing business with you again.

Thanks again,

P. S. You and your company have one extremely satisfied customer. Iam very glad i went with your product over other brands. It was a huge price difference between the two. I could have bought over 200 sq foot of your product for as much as stores want for just 36 sq foot of other brands.


Hey guys it Chris here. I purchased some of your product not to long ago. 50 sq feet to be exact. I have a Chevy Blazer Full size with 50 Series Flow masters and I just finished installing R-Blox on my drop down tailgate, the sound from the exhaust is almost gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I get a chance to rip out all my interior and finish the complete installation of R-Blox I will give you another report on the difference. I am only writing you this email because I had already wrote you an email before when UPS sent me the wrong tracking number, the sales person from R-Blox I talked to on the phone who called to clear up the confusion sounded very interested in his work and feedback from customers. After my next and final install I will send you digital pictures of my truck with your product throughout it. I thought you may be able to use them on your internet site if you have a place for such pictures. Thanks for the product, its BETTER THAN OTHER NAME BRANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Lenert

Sacramento, CA


Received Friday. I used it to line the back end of a Corvette to stop the resonating from a Borla exhaust system. Works GREAT, Thanks for offering a great product at a good price!

Thanks again,


I put two layers of the r-blox in my trunk, and it significantly reduced the rattles. I have one twelve inch sub woofer rated at 3000 watts max and 1500 watts rms being pushed by an amplifier that is rated at 1600 watts rms. Thanks again. I think that r-blox is an awesome product.


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