r-blox image install sound deadener aluminum extreme Sound Deadener
r-blox image install sound deadener aluminum extreme Sound Deadener
r-blox image install sound deadener aluminum extreme Sound Deadener
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Consumer question: “Why should I consider sound deadening my vehicle?”


Answer: There are many reasons to sound deaden your vehicle. Sound deadening not only enhances a vehicles sound system by increasing SPL while reducing sound resonance, but it also helps eliminate road noise by increasing structural mass. It creates a much more enjoyable ride from all audio aspects.

Consumer question #2: “When sound deadening my car, which of the many sound deadening products should I use?


Answer: Without question, R-Blox sound deadening products are the most viable sound deadeners on the market.


Here are some reasons why:



• R-Blox Extreme Sound Deadener is one of the thickest (.070 mils.) deadening mats on the market. The mass created when applying R-Blox Extreme to your car will amaze you with its performance.

• R-Blox Extreme has an aluminum constraining layer that not only protects it from heat, but also helps further deaden resonance, while remaining very flexible for sure fit and seal to the inside of any vehicle without ripping or tearing.

• Because of its flexibility, R-Blox Extreme is very easy to install and it bonds into all contours of your vehicle for an airtight seal that yields excellent dampening results.

• R-Blox Extreme has made sound deadening extremely affordable when compared to the current major sound deadener manufacturers. Whether you are in a DB competition or if you just want a nice, quiet, road-noise-free ride, you can now afford professional sound deadening at a fraction of the previous price.

• R-Blox Extreme works hand in hand with all other R-Blox products, including our Hood-liners, Floor-liners, and Liquid Deadener. R-Blox products will effectively sound deaden your car from bumper to bumper.

• Unlike many othersound deadeners, R-Blox Extreme does not get hard or brittle in cold climates and retains its excellent adhesive properties without the use of a heat-gun.

• R-Blox Sound Control, Inc. is aware of the consumer and their needs. We have lived up to the rigorous standards of “The Installer’s Challenge” at the C.E.S. show in Las Vegas as well as the Spring Break Nationals in Florida. (The temperatures during the installs in Vegas were in the mid 30’s and the installers were amazed at both the adhesive qualities and flexibility of R-Blox)

• R-Blox is also involved in a major marketing campaign through “12-Volt News” that will include a packet-insert consisting of a brochure and samples of the products, as well as Distributor and Sales Representative contacts for the consumer. This marketing campaign will reach over 18,000 12-volt enthusiasts.

• R-Blox Sound Control will have press releases in over 50 magazines by August 2005, as well as Technical Articles testing the results of R-Blox Sound Deadeners against those of other brand names. These articles will also feature several vehicles during install of R-Blox products.


• R-Blox is the sound deadening choice of The Installer’s Challenge for NOPI Nationals, SEMA, CES and SBN, which will enhance brand awareness incredibly.


R-Blox has also worked hand-in-hand with the consumer in an incredibly aggressive Sponsorship Campaign with such show vehicles as those of Power Bass, 50 Cent & Eminem’s “Anger Management Tour” (Largest tour of the year) and many others.

All of this being said; R-Blox is really the only choice for your sound deadening solutions whether you are the consumer or a Distributor or Dealer.

Our goals are to be not only the best sound deadener on the market, but also the most affordable and popular. We have worked extensively to maintain the highest standards of quality and we are sure that once you’ve tested our products for yourself that you will agree that R-Blox Sound Control, Inc. is the only solution to your sound deadening problems.





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